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Majlis Pengsohoran Raja dan Permaisuri Sehari

This will be the end of the wedding trilogy.. Hahaha didnt expect it to spread to three blogs.. Without further ado here’s hubby’s side of our wedding reception:












H&A-Day02-017 - Copy

H&A-Day02-016 H&A-Day02-020 - Copy H&A-Day02-230 H&A-Day02-021 - Copy H&A-Day02-022 - Copy H&A-Day02-023 H&A-Day02-024 H&A-Day02-026 H&A-Day02-028 H&A-Day02-030 H&A-Day02-032 H&A-Day02-034 H&A-Day02-036 H&A-Day02-037 H&A-Day02-041 - Copy H&A-Day02-044 H&A-Day02-049









H&A-Day02-113 - Copy



H&A-Day02-127 (2)












H&A-Day02-226 H&A-Day02-221 H&A-Day02-218

And that sums up the two days wedding event! I could repeat the whole process again even with its flaws because it was so much fun going through the process with my soulmate. The flaws just makes it more memorable. Hahaha… As much as I enjoy looking at wedding photos of the other brides, I hope you gals enjoy looking at mine too.

Next on the list will be the honeymoon pics! Nope we didnt have an official photographer with us throughout, its just us, hubby’s iphone and his fujifilm xpro 🙂 


The Sanding

Nak upload sanding pics last week but tak kesampaian. Here they are…

H&A-Day01-Sanding_004 H&A-Day01-Sanding_005 H&A-Day01-Sanding_007 H&A-Day01-Sanding_008 H&A-Day01-Sanding_013 H&A-Day01-Sanding_015 H&A-Day01-Sanding_016 H&A-Day01-Sanding_019 H&A-Day01-Sanding_021 H&A-Day01-Sanding_023 H&A-Day01-Sanding_024 H&A-Day01-Sanding_025 H&A-Day01-Sanding_027 H&A-Day01-Sanding_031 H&A-Day01-Sanding_032 H&A-Day01-Sanding_034 H&A-Day01-Sanding_035 H&A-Day01-Sanding_036 H&A-Day01-Sanding_047 H&A-Day01-Sanding_049

H&A-Day01-Sanding_053 H&A-Day01-Sanding_055 H&A-Day01-Sanding_056 H&A-Day01-Sanding_059 H&A-Day01-Sanding_063 H&A-Day01-Sanding_067 H&A-Day01-Sanding_070 H&A-Day01-Sanding_071 H&A-Day01-Sanding_084 H&A-Day01-Sanding_087 H&A-Day01-Sanding_101 H&A-Day01-Sanding_102 H&A-Day01-Sanding_108 H&A-Day01-Sanding_110 H&A-Day01-Sanding_111 H&A-Day01-Sanding_114 H&A-Day01-Sanding_132 H&A-Day01-Sanding_140 H&A-Day01-Sanding_142 H&A-Day01-Sanding_146 H&A-Day01-Sanding_151 H&A-Day01-Sanding_160 H&A-Day01-Sanding_164 H&A-Day01-Sanding_165

My most fav part of any wedding is the silat pengantin. I ll always feel bummed when the wedding doesnt have any relatives or frens who does the silat. Fortunately for us, we had frens and family who performed the silat and this time, i am in the best seat to enjoy it.

Well, as u scroll down the pics, u can see that we were covered with smoke from the sparklers. A total fail! But the night ended well with hubby singing che’ mek molek with a little twist. I love the DJ’s and their songs selection is really power… Got a pic of my bro dedicating a song for us. Hehehe.. It was a loooonggg day but we actually spent the time sitting on the pelamin and not doing much but watching the family members chllaxing towards the end of the night. Next up will be hubby’s side of the reception… Stay tuned!

The Akad Nikah

Reading some blogs got me a little motivated to start updating mine again. Well, it’s coming to six months and we still haven’t gotten our photo album yet. After knowing that some brides had the same problem, I got myself mentally prepared. But I hate it when others probe and make noise to keep bugging the fellow and threaten him. Though I did ask hubby to check on it.. I know he’s fed up too… We did get our soft copies which I will gladly share it here.

Hubby n I were abit worried the photos weren’t gg to turn out good. In terms of quality. And also if the camera doesn’t  catch my best angles.. My muke cramp can also be seen in some photos. I was sick the whole week before and was having dry itchy throat coughs. More worried about coughing non-stop than the Nikah itself. There was always a cough drop in my mouth for both days and I am lucky Kak Yani was discreet in feeding them to me.

I shall start off with the Akad photos. In total we have 3 bajus for Saturday and 2 bajus for Sunday. It will spread out to 3 blogs. Hehehe.. Then we shall move on to the honeymoon photos!

image image







The best moment is when your husband places his hand on your head and say a prayer.



My parents-in-law!




My huge family.



The bridesmaids!





The groomsmen with a rose in the middle!


The bridesmaid!


The dream pelamin! Clean and spacious just how I like it!

More photos coming up tonight! Insya’allah 🙂

A very little preview

Bukan nak procrastinate but Waiting for the official photos to be out and then the blogging will commence!

For the time being, here’s a photo from my sis’s camera. Pardon the quality!


The reason why I love spacious pelamin. To fit the whole familia. And I suke boriah2. It gives a sense of unity. Oh tak eh?

I’m bacccckkk!

It has been close to two months since I last blogged! Too sibuk falling sick, wedding prep, wedding itself and honeymoon!

I smell a very detailed and longgg and ber-blog pages coming up since le hubby will be helping me with the run through of everything that went down…

Overall, life has never been this fun ever since I got married. All the jokes and bende2 merepek tat we do makes u forget abt work and just live life daily with laughter. For the wedding, there were some hiccups but overall akak suke sgt2 the whole event. Some of the things tat I expect the minimal, the vendors gave more. I guess some vendors really put their heart and lots of effort in making your wedding se-sempurna as it can get. But I did encounter one vendor who couldn’t even deliver a simple request. Tat aside, Alhamdulillah we enjoyed every bit of it because there were so many things going rite than wrong. Also there was one part where we were covered in smoke at our pelamin. Why tat happened will be revealed later on too.

After wedding is honeymoon!! And it was awesomeeeee!! More details on tat in the blogs yg akan dtg. I am glad tat we went for our honeymoon two days aft our wedding. When U are still in euphoria and going for ur honeymoon adds on to tat. It was our first trip together and so much wonderful memories were made. The best part is experiencing the places for the first time together. Well, tats a little update for now.

Stay tuned…

Baju All Set!

We had our final fitting with Kak Yani and Abg Hakim today!

Yippee! One item less to tink about! Which makes our minds a little lighter.

The best part… I finally chose my baju nikah! Initially tot of getting lemak ketam but it doesnt match with Habib’s baju… So I decided to forgo the idea and choose another baju instead. And I love it so much! Its the ‘Yes! THIS is the baju’ feel.

There was a baju with a train that is the exact match to Habib’s baju, but I wanted a more simple abit mismatched. Hehe.. Luckily, Kak Yani and Abg Hakim were very accomodating. I got the baju we eyed on when we were selecting our bajus a mth or two ago… I am a HAPPY woman! Insya’allah the photos will capture the pretty details of the baju and Kak Yani’s wonderful artwork on me!

Talking bout Spa

When bestie asked what i have been wanting to do, i told her that I want to go for a SPA!

My second Spa experience. This time treated as Bridal Spa. I really wanted to go to Spa Secrets kat Batam cos the price is worth the 3hrs and i wanted to eat the jagung panggang kat Balerang Bridge seh… Unfortunately, my dad flatly said no. 😦 Since i am getting married in 24 days, better not risk it. So it’s ok.. Researched some local Spas and fell in love with Spa by Norfasarie.

As it was a last min plan, we only called yesterday to make the booking. Lucky for us, they had a slot for two at 1.30pm. Lucky! Upon arrival, I immediately fell in love with the colour of the place. Al-maklumlah… Fav colour… Teal!!! Suke2!

Near the reception there is this beautiful quote…


WP_20141202_002The butterflies in front of our massage beds.. Yes my phone camera sucks.. Sorry Kak Norfa! Dont tink i did justice to ur beautiful deco! The place is truly calming and comfy. Love love love it.

Me and bestie took the Royal Exotic Indulgence which is currently costing at $150. Consists of full body massage, lulur, jacuzzi and hair masque. Shiok!!

We reached ard 1.30 and filled up a form. Abt 1.45 we went to change and the session begins! The massage was good cos i can feel the pressure rather than sesetengah org yg main gosok2 je. Lulur is ok cos we didn’t expect it to smell tat way. From the smell of it, i tink they mixed the salt with yoghurt. Still best to gosok all daki out. Hair masque it totally awesome. i suke bau wangi2 and it really makes ur hair bau super nice. Favourite part will be the jacuzzi session!!!! We can control the amt of bubbles inside the tub. Siap ngan flat screen tv and it was playing cite When in Rome. Which made me laugh all by myself. It’s a private bath unlike Spa Secrets where both will be in the tub facing each other. Which was ok but feels kinda awkward being naked and facing ur fren or mum or sis….

Overall the service is good cos takde curi2 masa and they used up the 2hrs very well. We were served with hot drinks aft the Spa. The ginger tea was delicious… Yum 🙂 The whole experience was just delightful and I will DEFINITELY dtg balik ok!

Like new..


To cover the broken part of the two doors, my sis and I used carbon fibre paper. Adding of details was something last min. Itupun when my eldest sis and i was at Ikea for the second time, she told me tat if i didnt get it tat day, i can still consider coming back to buy it. I didnt know i cud be sick of Ikea by the third trip. I guess a period of in a mth, tats a lot of times! I immediately grabbed the stickers and said,” Malas aku nak dtg lagi.”

So that concludes the wardrobe. It looks like kinda brand new 🙂

Tick Tock goes the Clock

Counting down the days…

Ape rasa hati ni Tuhan saja yang tahu. Can’t let it out just breathe in breathe out.

Kenape masa ni cepat sgt?!!

Oklah some updates of what has been done thus far!

Painting of the bridal room!

As u can see, i ikut my habib nye cara of taking photos. Though my camera phone doesnt capture pics as pretty as his X-Pro lah kan… Tapi tactic dia tu penting!





Yes I terhutang terima kasih to my first Sis who bought this full length mirrored wardrobe doors for her wedding 14 years ago! So beautiful! And so berguna.. Bole buat langsing2 depan cermin!


FYI, itu bukan mayat k.. My mum told me to use my dad’s stained kain ihram to cover my bed which has all the wedding things, which I did k.




The MANDATORY tangga pic!! WP_20141108_001


 Dan cara2 nya ialah…






Ok yang ni muke dia gelap sikit but yang paling excited bile tgk suratkhabar ialah si budak kecik ni! Sampai koyak suratkhabar yang i dah tampal cantik2…



First coat done!WP_20141108_013

Second Coat done!



Third coat was done the week after where my habibi came and helped! And I tak amik gambar bcos dia pakai terlalu seksi tat day.. Hahaha! Nolah jus kidding! Tak sempat pun nak amik gambar… Cos I was juggling my niece and a kitten I rescued with the painting going on and sending the kitten downstairs for someone to pick it up.

Ni pulak the decos I ve just got yesterday from none other than Ikea! Am I the only one who loves the smell of wood and furniture in Ikea?


Mum is now busy with the langsir for the backdrop n window. Since I ll be on leave for two weeks start next wed, all shud be done by then. Dgn dulang2 segala! Yes we are doing alot of DIYs. Cos it is cheaper lah and puas hati. I am lucky to have a Mum yang pandai menjahit n a Kakak yg pandai deco2 ni smue. Alhamdulillah!

As for our invites, it has been distributed. I just need to collate my fren’s addresses, write smua one shot and send! Aiming to send all out by Mon. Insya’allah!


Weekend Wedding Prep

It is November!!! *hyperventilates*

Even my mum is starting to rush! She wants to get the sewing of the curtains done asap now.. And I have to clear my room before this weekend’s painting process…. Kemas bilik pun pening. Too many sentimental stuff from young till now… Even my diaries from Primary school masih ada.. Hahah… I still remember my friends giving their diaries to teachers to write words of wisdoms or advices, but mine, i pass ard to my friends to put pics and they end up writing rhymes of people they like and insulting those dislike. I even read one that was calling me stupid then a jk at the end! Dunno if our english was tat bad or she was serious or i jus cudnt care cos she was a close fren. 28 years of memories seh!! Oklah i threw away most of my own stuff but the ones that were given as gifts mcm sayang gitu… Still got loads more to clear!! Nak 😥 bole tak? And the worst part i am allergic to dust…. Some of the masks I wear takde effect cos I end up sneezing into it and my ingus meleleh before i can wipe it off.. Disgusting kan?? (Sorry for the gruesome details)

Yes that is the morning part of my Sunday. Clearing my room cos I was too sick on Sat to do anything except go dating in the evening.. Hehe…. While I was clearing my neverending pile of mess, my parents were busy packing the berkats. 900 pieces of berkats though we plan 1000 jemputans because there is 100% confirm plus chop gonna be extras! One of my aunts had initially insisted on getting 1200 but lucky another told my mum to cut down to 900. Nak buat ape seh nanti kalau byk2 extras. Even my sis nye majlis we had loads of leftover berkats. Cukup time tuala tu buat pakai sendiri and keep asking people who wants.





Berkat dia simple je and practical I guess. May not be something out of the box creative but as long as mum is happy wif it, i ok je.. When she saw the thing, she immediately tot that it wud be the best berkat because it was practical too. Tapi yg dijanji lain, dpt lain. We got this berkats from mini kelantan. The person mix the sizes of the berkats. Only the colours sama. The one we wanted was wrapped nicely in a clear plastic, but this one dia lekatkan bunga and say its a trend now. Ape dah…. My parents cant be bothered and jus took them back. Nak make noise pun tak guna but as long as the berkat senonoh and the add on bunga doesnt look merepek, oklah kita accept je. The bunga can be removed easily cos the glue pun tak kuat sgt. And we spent the whole of sunday afternoon placing the berkats into red and blue bags.


While I was busy wif things at home, Habib spent his sunday morning making a tanjak out of his samping for us to put on the dulang hantaran. This guy is creative I tell you!






Here’s the Final Product! And his half of our baju sepasang. Mine blum siap btw.


Kalau part creative ni, kalah I. So niceee kan?? He was also the one who helped me with my money box tat’s why the pic quality pun sama! Hehehe.. Tapi I super loike! After settle bilik, can pick up the dulangs from my aunt. Next will be the bridal room and dulang to be done concurrently. Bismillah!



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